I’ve decided to start a blog after being told, time and time again,  by quite a few people that I should.

To introduce my blog:

I have a passion for making pickles and jams. This is not the same as making “pickles” i.e. bottling gherkins and onions in brine. I love making condiments that are used with cold meats, on sandwiches, and with meals. They are made traditionally with fresh fruit/vegies, sugar, spices and vinegar.
[I have a tendency to make them gluten free as I have family members who have allergies, so I will often change the recipe slightly by using white or cider vinegar instead of malt.]

I also enjoy gardening though not on a big scale anymore, as I have problems with my back. But I try to grow only things that I can use in pickles. I have discovered ways of propagating some vegetables and flowers to save money and have had some success.

So there it is… my reason for doing this.
Keep posted and feel welcome to ask questions.

Also, I will share recipes if anyone wants to have a go at making any of the things I blog about.

Tomorrow will be D-Day… subject: Feijoas!!!!